Parenting Skills – Teach your Children Courage, Strength and Determination

Hire Dr. Ben to get the personal coaching you need to become a parent who can help your children be strong and self-disciplined enough so bullies won’t attack them.

Your children and teens need your guidance in order to learn how to succeed in the real world. Of course, we want all schools to prevent bullying. But that’s not going to happen soon enough for you. Your children and teens will face:

  • Physical violence, verbal abuse and emotional     intimidation.
  • Anger,     hate, harassment and hazing.
  • Name-calling,     putdowns, condescending and scornful cliques and ostracism.
  • Two-faced     friends and anonymous cyber-bullies.
  • Peer     pressure and destructive media influences.

Before your children can learn anti-bullying skills and be effective in stopping bullies, they need to develop the internal courage, strength, determination and endurance to succeed.

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You can learn many methods to teach them to have the qualities they need, even when they don’t want to learn from you. Help them resist feelings of isolation and helplessness. Help them overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. Increase their confidence and self-esteem.

See Dr. Ben on, "How to Stop School Bullying: How Parents Make Kids Victims."

Only when your children feel strong and capable can they be effective in preventing and overcoming bullying.

The best way to help your child prevent bullying is to hire Dr. Ben for personalized coaching.

  • Help your children become people who bullies wouldn’t ever think of attacking.
  • Help your children develop friends and allies who will stand up for and with them.